Owners Manual – 2012 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual

Owners Manual – 2012 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual… Short 2012 Jeep Liberty review: No question over it, the Jeep Liberty is actually boxy and robust. And while we are becoming accustomed to viewing carlike vehicle disguised in piste clothes, that is not at all the circumstance here: The 2012 Jeep Liberty is still mostly vehicle. But for family members who intend on spending most of the time on pavement-and while using trail-focused Renegade model dropped-the Liberty’s appeal is limited because of its very poor fuel economy as well as lack of ease and comfort.

Looking tough and traditional-though a lttle bit slab-sided from some angles-the Jeep Liberty appearance hasn’t already changed considerably over the years. Some time ago, Jeep amped up the macho-man attraction and included chunky specifics to look even more trail-tough. The Liberty’s style inside maintains to that function with a marked and simple seem, although there are more hard plastics than in many crossovers this size.

The Liberty’s powertrain can move the Liberty quickly sufficient, but we now have no sort words correctly. The 210-horsepower, Three or more.7-liter V-6 engine can be torquey enough, however its rather low-revving, raspy, and not altogether easy character just barely fits in using the Liberty’s more robust character. Because it’s a low-revver, comparatively speaking, this manages okay with the relatively rough-shifting four-speed automatic. However this powertrain’s correct downfall is gas mileage; with 15/21 mpg together with 4WD, your Liberty is no more fuel-efficient than a full-size Truck……

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2012 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual

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