Pdf – The Owner’s Manual for Fiat Spider 2000


Pdf – The Owner’s Manual for Fiat Spider 2000

This pdf give you an information for Owner’s Manual for Fiat Spider 2000. As we know, the vehicle with high technology is the best vehicle. But you have know the specification about that. When the vehicle is in good condition, its performance would be good too.
Please read first this manual for your vehicle directions.
1.Avoid fierce accelerations soon after starting and allow time for the engine to warm up
2.Do not fully depress the accelerator pedal and avoid high engine speeds, when operating in the lower gears, that is, never allow the tachometer pointer to move into the yellow sector indicating high rpm rates.
3.Change your road speed occasionally, especially on long trips. Avoid long drives at constant high or Iow speeds,
4.Downshift whenever necessary to cope with driving conditions on route: you will avoid engine lugging at excessively Iow rpm.
5.Avoid, if possible, severe stops at sustained speeds during the first few hundred miles: brakes will set properly and improve their life and effectiveness.
6.Remember that satisfactory Operation and long life are dependent to a great extent on the care with which the car is handled during break-in.

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